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Todays fashion is talk shows. Everybody has a talk show. But what do they talk about? Do they breath health to the nation? What do they say about this nation's morality? Are these things what God wants for his children?

The thruth is that these talk shows reflect the moral decay of todays "modern" society. They are the product of the 60's rebelious youth, asking to do their "own thing", "free love", drugs gay rights, etc. Without God. These shows talk about sin. They give no solution because God is missing in the solutions given. When a person does not know God or the word of God all these things happen: Infidelity, drug abuse sexual deviations, rebelious children, child abuse.

These are not fruits of the Holy Spirit. God loves the person but not the sin. This is a sick country, there is a great need for God's love in the lives of our people I find these shows a great opportunity to pray for the needs of these persons.

This is the product of taking God out of our schools, TV shows, lives,.

This talk shows are seen al over the world, in many diferent contries by cable TV and via satellite, this could be the opinion of people in other contries about the United States, from what they see and hear in this shows. WHAT A SHAME!!